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Question 1: What is the difference between school books and books in the Primary Olympiad?

Answer: Primary Olympiad books are published by the Cambridge University Press. Our books can be used as additional material, they will have an activity based approach, so lots of practice exercises for students to revise and reinforce what they have already learnt.

Question 2: What is unique about your Olympiad?

Answer: In collaboration with Cambridge University Press this competition is conducted on a national level. The enrolled students are provided with international standards study material from Cambridge. Competition for standard 5 through 8 students encourages and gives the students an exposure to competitive exams at a younger age.

Question 3: Does the school benefit? Do the school teachers receive any certification?

Answer: Yes, at the end of the program, the school receives a trophy, the Principal and the coordinator will receive certificates.

Question 4: Can a student in Grade 2 take Level 1 of the Olympiad?

Answer: No, The levels and the grades are in sync. Also the certificates are issued in correspondence to year and grade of the child.

Question 5: Can a student only buy study material? or only register for Olympiad sans Study Material?

Answer: The registration and study material both are part of the Olympiad. Once you register, the books are provided.

Question 7: When will the schools receive the books once the order is placed?

Answer: Once we receive the registration forms along with the fees from the school we will ship books within 15 working days to the school.

Question 8: When will the students receive the books once the order is placed (For individual registrations)?

Answer: The books are dispatched within 48 hours of receiving the registration. The student receives the same in 8-10 working days post registration.

Question 9: What is the involvement of teachers?

Answer: It is left open to the school to train the students or keep it as a self study program.

Question 10: When is competition held?

Answer:City level round will be conducted in December 2021 and National Round is conducted in February/March 2022 for students registered through school.
Online Mock Paper's will be conducted in October and November 2021.

Question 11: What is the registration procedure if the school signs up?

Answer: The Olympiad coordinator in the school can collect the amount from the students and send us a cheque or DD in favour of Firefish Networks Pvt. Ltd. to our office address mentioned in the registration form.

Question 12: For the individual registrations, where will the exams be conducted?

Answer: Individual students are provided with a center or an Online Proctored Exam is conducted by us.

Question 13: What curriculum are your books based on?

Answer: National Curriculum Framework (NCF), in-sync with ICSE and CBSE curriculum. Most state board text books are also in sync with the NCF. The books utilize the activity based learning approach.

Question 14: Do you send test preparation material?

Answer: We have Mock Papers which are available on the students Online Account. The Online account also has additional practice exercises for the child

Question 15: How will I get the user id and password?

Answer: Post registrations, user id and a password created by Primary Olympiad will be provided to the students along with the Primary Olympiad study material.Incase the student registers Online the User ID and password is auto generated and sent on email as soon as registration is done.

Question 16: Can you send us a copy of the books?

Answer: We do not provide a sample copy of the books but we can send photocopies of the index of each book, so the school can understand the topics covered in each book.

Question 17: If a child wants to participate in multiple Olympiads can they do that?

Answer: Yes, they can participate in one, two or all the three Olympiads. Exams will not overlap.

Question 18: Are there any special classes with an external faculty conducted for the Olympiad?

Answer: No, It depends on the school whether or not to have special classes. Faculty is not provided from our end. We have both types of schools registered in the Olympiad-those that provide extensive special classes and training in the school and those that do not provide any training and ask the students to self study.

Question 19: Do students appear in the city level or do they directly go to the national level? (what are the stages)

Answer: Students enrolled from school compete in the city level exam. Winners at the city round qualify to participate at the National level exam. The City Round Exam is conducted in December 2021 and the National Round in February/ March 2022.

Question 20: What if there are more than 1 child who has got 100 percentile in a subject ?

Answer: In case there is more than 1 child who receives 100 percentile the scholarship is divided among the children. As every child should get an equal opportunity for the same.

Question 21: What if my child has got 100 percentile in 2 subjects ? Is he/she eligible for 2 scholarships?

Answer: The child receives 100 percentile in 2 subjects, then he/she is eligible for 2 scholarships.

Question 23: What if I want to cancel the registration?

Answer: Once enrolled, the registration can't be cancelled.